Hotel Mélomanie
Hotel Mélomanie

 Denis Sasulin  2019 0 min Germany Fiction  Fantastic  Other 

Luggage packed. Hair washed. Stored razor blade. The 26-year-old Janosch - a mediocre to overly neurotic young man - sets off to stay at the Hotel Mélomanie.

He is driven,... [+]





Love  Revenge 

Luggage packed. Hair washed. Stored razor blade. The 26-year-old Janosch - a mediocre to overly neurotic young man - sets off to stay at the Hotel Mélomanie.

He is driven, plagued and accompanied by his feelings of guilt and his guilty conscience in personal union in the form of Black. The still childish-looking Black attracts no attention due to his deeply wounded forehead, torn clothing and his deathly pale in public, because he exists only in Janosh's head.

The two associate an incident from the past, in whose career Janosch indirectly to Black's demise is guilty. This calls for repentance and can persuade Janosch by cynical-annoying comments finally to befriend the suicide. Through his neurotic dispositions and his habit of celebrating every little detail in everyday life pathetically, Janosch does not want to simply die out of the world.

The hotel Mélomanie is a dated, rustic but stylistically loving, furnished hotel, but its best years behind it. A free room with bath is covered, the water is let in and a plate laid up. Already lying in the wet and laying the blade, however, Janosch always finds a cunning to postpone his relinquishment and black hold, but understands it by his sarcastic nature to remind Janosch of his original concerns.

During a requested and allowed reflection time Janosch gets to know the servants Klara. Both quickly realize that they know each other from school and they could not be more different. The young woman shines through her cheeky and self-confident manner and thus stands out against Janosch's neurotic prison.

Nevertheless, both are entangled in old anecdotes and get along well. But Black also notices the new life-affirming mood around Janosch and his enthusiasm for this spontaneous and cheeky way of life. But this lifestyle ultimately leads to Klara being fired by her hated boss, the receptionist, and she loses her equally hated job.

On the way out of the hotel and her unloved work place, Janosch offers her an offer to come with her. The soul-sick now has the choice between an open gate and Black, who is already waiting for him with new, varying ideas for a path out of life.

Cast & Crew:

Director Denis Sasulin 
Producer Hannes Kappler 
Director of photography Melissa Sadowski
Film editor Joey Gerome Porner
First assistant director Joey Gerome Porner
Continuity script Christine Lohmann
Cast Paul Grothues
Cast Johannes Stößer
Cast Eva  Wiedermann
Cast Michael Marwitz
Cast Niklas Graeber
Scriptwriter Denis Sasulin
Co-writer Joey Gerome  Porner
Story Joey Gerome Porner
Grip Emanuel Sträßner
Grip Jakob Braun
First camera assistant Jonas Woldt
Second camera assistant Anastasia  Happel
Gaffer Maximilian Martin
Technician Levi Stute
Production sound mixer Philipp Kampmann
Sound Tim Klotz
Music soundtrack Joey Gerome Porner
Set decorator Franziska Doll
Set decorator Xenia Wissing
Costume coordinator Jaroscha Kressin
Costume assistant Xenia Wissing
Others Martin Julius Lorenz
Others Hannah Keim
Others Robin Van Smirren
Others Lars Flaig
Others Nils Dreischhoff


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