Le Stelle Non Hanno Padroni
The Stars have no Masters

 Salvatore Bongiorno  2018 82 min Italy Other  Documentary  Fiction 

After the Second World War, in Sicily, the peasant law movement for the application of the Gullo laws involved land workers, led by syndicates, leftist parties and Federterra... [+]


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Inequalities  Historical  Employment  School 

After the Second World War, in Sicily, the peasant law movement for the application of the Gullo laws involved land workers, led by syndicates, leftist parties and Federterra association, towards the assertion of rights and the improvement of living conditions .
A key role in the Madonie territory is played by the students and graduates of the secondary school Institute of Petralia Sottana who restore a democratic and active participation in politics and reconfirm the role of the union in defending the working class.
The two protagonists of the film, entitled "The stars have no masters", Vastiano and Turiddu, weave their stories and their lives into a unique story: the peasant struggles.
Vastiano, a young revolutionary peasant and veteran of the Second World War, returns, deliberately, to his country of Sicilian origin. The oppression suffered by a child during the fascist dictatorship, the war atrocities experienced and the desire for social redemption led him to develop a new awareness and to give strength and support to the union. Turiddu, a student and son of a wealthy family, lives an inner conflict that leads him to follow the road to the emancipation of the popular masses, consequential is the break with his "world of belonging".
A worker and a student together, side by side, against the interests of the agrarians and the mafia and united in the defense of the peasants. The militancy of a farmer, dedicated to his work, and the activity of a student, who thanks to education believes in a more just and more supportive society, give impetus to the poor people in the rebellion against the feudal system.
The story takes place in 1947 and 1948, years marked by the commitment and martyrdom of trade unionists and the great support of influential politicians. The two protagonists, in the scenes of the feature film, are direct witnesses of the political and union work of Epifanio Li Puma, Girolamo Li Causi and Pio La Torre. Moreover, the events evoked in the film concern the occupations of the uncultivated lands that then lead to the approval of the law on agrarian reform in Sicily.
The movie was realized by amateur young videomakers that, in their free time from work (nobody of them work in the cinema industry), wanted to create a project supported by local population (more than 400 collaborators). The work started form historic research, interviews to direct witnesses and deep studies. After three year the result was achieved and an original product was created from the story to the soundtrack, totally created into and by the Madonie territory. The main character is the Madonie landscape.

Cast & Crew:

Director Salvatore Bongiorno 
Producer Gianpiero Farinella 
Director of photography Francesco Ippolito
Camera operator Gaetano Rizzitello
First camera assistant Enrico Miserendino
Story Gianpiero Farinella
Music soundtrack Lorenzo Profita
Music soundtrack Francesco Bongiorno
Set designer Mirco Inguaggiato
Lead actor / actress Giuseppe Dino
Lead actor / actress Gandolfo Polito
Cast Pino Brucato
Cast Ludovica Zaffora
Cast Mario Maggio
Cast Salvo Piparo
Cast Ferdinando Gattuccio
Cast Damiano Giunta

1 Prizes & Selections:

Jul 2019 - BCT - Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione di Benevento


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