Arde Lucus

 Oscar Brais Revalderia Prieto  2013 60 min Spain Documentary 

1700 years ago the wall of Lucus Augusti watched over the so called world, in the present the descendants of the Roman and Celtic people that lived in the area, recreate the... [+]




Action  Historical 

Ancient  City  Culture  War  Historical 

1700 years ago the wall of Lucus Augusti watched over the so called world, in the present the descendants of the Roman and Celtic people that lived in the area, recreate the most important festival about the Roman Emporium in the world.
In a moment like this with a huge economic crisis in Spain, the people from this little city in the north-west of the country demonstrates a great willpower expending most of the year trying to make this festival even better year by year, all to show the ancient culture that they have and to make people happy for some days as one of our senators will say in the documentary.
12 years ago everything began because of the proclamation of the wall of the city as World Heritage, only some associations were attending that day to this event, today all the city becomes a little part of the old Rome, bringing back the Gladiators fighting for their lives in the Circus, old Gods and mythological creatures running all over the city and the Soldiers and Praetorians looking to keep save the Emperor Cesar Augusto.
The Great Lucus Augusti comes back to live every middle week of June to give this people a little bit of hope in the difficult moment they are passing through.
The Taiwanese Ota Hsieh the Colombian Andres Lemonk And the Galician Brais Revalderia shot this movie during the festival in 2012, after completing some of the scenes in 2013 like the shots about the restored roman bridge and Viladonga´s Castro the film was released to participate in the International film festival circuit in June 2013.

Cast & Crew:

Director Oscar Brais Revalderia Prieto 
Producer Pedro Revalderi Reija 
Director of photography Iván Carrasco
First assistant director Ota  Hsieh
First assistant director Andres  Lemonk
Color correction Jaime  Alaman
Art director Maria  Morla
Film editor Juan Carlos Gomez
Sound editing Hadrian Andre Revalderia
Camera operator Eduardo  Garcia
Camera operator Hugo Fernandez
Music soundtrack Xera 
Special effects supervisor Jaime  Alaman
Animation Brais Revalderia

35 Prizes & Selections:

Feb 2015 - International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema

Jan 2015 - Euro Film Festival

Jan 2015 - IMA International Film Festival

Jan 2015 - Docant 2014

Dec 2014 - American online Film Awards

Nov 2014 - fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

Nov 2014 - Jaipur International Film FEstival

Nov 2014 - Filmmakers of the year

Nov 2014 - Documentary & Short International Movie Award

Nov 2014 - International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Visionary

Nov 2014 - International Film Festival for Documentary, Short, and Comedy

Nov 2014 - International Film and Photography Festival

Nov 2014 - Navi Mumbai International Film festival

Nov 2014 - Dheli International Film Festival

Oct 2014 - Cinetrofa

Oct 2014 - Tourfilm Karlovy Vary

Sep 2014 - International TV Festival Bar

Sep 2014 - International Film Festival For Peace Inspiration & Equality


Sep 2014 - Bolgatty International Film Festival

Sep 2014 - New Filmmakers NY

Sep 2014 - Semana Internacional de Cine de Autor de Lugo

Aug 2014 - Festival Internacional de Cine de Pasto

Aug 2014 - Stuff 2014

Aug 2014 - ART&TUR International Film FEstival

Aug 2014 - Mpumalanga Film Festival

Jul 2014 - Madrid International Film Festival


May 2014 - Mexico International Film Festival

May 2014 - Carmarthen Bay Film Festival

Apr 2014 - Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival

Apr 2014 - Encuentro Hispanoamericano de V

Mar 2014 - 16




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