LOVE of Film  (Denmark)


For me film is about stealing moments. To find and single out specific moments in time and concentrate on giving that moment values of love, doubt, fears and sorrow. When you have a great moment - you have a great scene or video.

My work typically has to do with people, their emotions and the space between them. I work within a mixture of drama and comedy where I usually let the people carry the story - rather than the plot itself. You get a more honest and natural form of storytelling that way - I think. For me, two people standing in front of each other open up a wide range of actions, re-actions, emotions and choices. And it is in the meeting of people that I develop my stories.

- Love Revisited. 2014
- Living among the dead. 2013
- Don´t Speak. 2012
- Seeing Sorrow. 2011
- Last Chance, Lars. 2011
- Father´s Son. 2009
- An Exit. 2008
- NOW. 2007